What is your… Animal IQ?

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1)      What percent of American homes have pets?
  1. a. 25%
  2. b. 45%
  3. c. 63%
2)      Which of the following common foods can be poisonous to dogs?
  1. a. Grapes and raisins
  2. b. Milk
  3. c. Fish
  3)      Which of the following is the only bird that can fly backwards?
  1. a. Sparrow
  2. b. Hummingbird
  3. c. Egret
  4)      The eyes of domestic cats have:
  1. a. Slit pupils
  2. b. Round pupils
  3. c. Square pupils
  5)      Cats lack taste buds for what taste?
  1. a. Salt
  2. b. Fat
  3. c. Sour/bitter
  4. d. Sweets
  6)      Fire ants:
  1. a. Bite only
  2. b. Bite and sting
  3. c. Sting only
  7)      Which continent has no spiders?
  1. a. Antarctica
  2. b. Australia
  3. c. Asia
    8)      Which of the following cat species purr?
  1. a. Mountain Lion
  2. b. Domestic cat
  3. c. Tiger
  9)      Which of the following can be found in both humans and armadillos?
  1. a. Leprosy
  2. b. Polio
  3. c. Influenza
  10)   Rattlesnakes:
  1. a. Lay eggs
  2. b. Give birth of live young
  3. c. Are marsupials

True or False:


11)   Spiders can get caught in their own webs…True or false?


12)   Out of 10,000 known bird species only 10 have been domesticated…True or false?


13)   Polar bears are the only bear to not hibernate…True or false?


14)   Swordfish heat up their eyeballs to see better while hunting…True or false?


15)   Baby killer whales don’t sleep for the first month of their lives…True or false?


16)   Butterflies generally fly during the day, while moths fly at night…True or false?


Bonus Questions:

17)   Polar bear skin is:
  1. a. White
  2. b. Pink
  3. c. Black
  4. d. Grey
  18)   A dog’s jaws can produce how much pressure?
  1. a. 5 – 10 lbs per square inch
  2. b. 150 – 450 lbs per square inch
  3. c. 1,000 lbs per square inch
19)   Ants evolved from:
  1. a. Spider
  2. b. Wasps
  3. c. Scorpions
  20)   The common cuckoo lays her eggs:
  1. On the ground
  2. In a mud nest that she builds
  3. In the nests of other bird species

Tie Breakers:

21)   Name the amphibian:
  1. a. Gecko
  2. b. Monitor
  3. c. Newt
  4. d. Iguana
22)   The oocyte within an ostrich egg is the biggest single cell in nature…True or false?

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